For the people complaining about Biden interrupting and laughing when Ryan speaks:

Examine Romney’s demeanor during the first presidential debate. He was much more rude, loud, disrespectfully ignored the time limit per question, and interrupted the moderator and Obama constantly.

The difference between Biden and Romney during their debates:

Biden answers the questions with specifics and facts. Romney vaguely alluded to a plan that cited “loopholes” as a solution, without actually stating what his plan consists of. Ryan followed suit; even tonight’s moderator called out his lack of specifically answering questions since he was throwing fluff instead of substance the entire debate.

Facts matter, not gimmicks and plans that are unclear and unwritten.

I love when Paul Ryan complained about the US embassies needing more protection and Joe Biden pointed out Romney’s plan calls for a $300 million reduction in State Department funding for the protection, construction and maintenance of U.S. embassies around the world.

Romney and Ryan are literally just babbling bullshit they think people want to hear.

Sadly, tons of people who would suffer if Romney were elected President, due to  their social class or gender, are still adamant to support Romney. Every vote counts, don’t let these flip-flopping greedy imbeciles take office! Romney’s comments on our allies and enemies during the Olympics is evident enough of how ill equipped Mittens is; how can you run a country when your awareness of our allies and enemies is reflective of historical relations, not present foreign relations?

I love Biden calling out all the bullshit. Expose all the slander and inaccuracies, facts matter!